Our Medium Mover Pack

Our Medium Mover Pack


Our Medium Mover Pack contains 40 Boxes, 1 Large Bubblewrap, 1 Roll of Tape, 1 Roll of Fragile Tape, and 1 Marker Pen.


This Medium Mover Pack has been designed for three to four bedroom homes, and is also ideal for loft storage.

Our Boxes Are Strong Double Walled Boxes and can be used time and they can be re-used time and time again.


This pack contains;

5 XL Boxes  ( Approx 19.5x20.5x22 inch)

10 Large Boxes  (Approx 19x16x22.5 inch)

10 Medium Boxes  (Approx 15x14.5x22 inch)
15 Small Boxes  (Approx 13x11x16 inch)

1 Large Bubble Wrap
1 Roll of Tape (48mmx66m)

1 Roll of  Fragile Tape (50mmx66m)
1 Marker Pen

RRP - £130.00
NOW – £109.50